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Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - City Info

Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis, which includes the island Ilha Grande, is two hours south of Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy the beauty of the tropical, fjord-like coastline, along highway BR-101. Visit the beaches at Vila Velha and Praia Grande, where the water is cool and clean. Many summer homes have been built on some of the 300 small islands located in the bay, called Baía de Ilha Grande. The entire area is surrounded by the untouched Atlantic Forest. Part of the municipality of Angra dos Reis and just off the cost is the island of Ilha Grande, an archipelago of 193 km2 with more than 100 beaches. The blue-green sea, the native flora and fauna of the Atlantic Forest, the mountains of up to 1000 meters, make this island an unforgettable place. Here you can feel in paradise even where you walk the trails in the company of wild animals, stay in the sun on semi-deserted beaches, bathe in crystal clear waterfalls and dive along with abundant marine life. The intimacy between the mountain, the forest and the sea is worth mentioning. Ilha Grande has a magical environment full of historical curiosities. Here there are farms that used slave labor to grow sugar cane and coffee, and the signs of that time are noticeable, like the ruins of farmhouses. Naval battles between pirates and ships of the Portuguese empire were also fought here. For families as well as for the couple, quiet and very romantic. A tropical island to disconnect from the outside world. Without cars or the bustle of cities is the Vila do Abraão which has markets, shops, restaurants, nightlife and medical and pharmacy services. It is certainly a great place to rest and experience the authentic man-nature relationship of this wonderful place.

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